What We Do

Chatting to Wellness brings trained volunteers to retirement homes in the Greater Toronto Area to provide 1-on-1 chatting sessions for the residents to simply talk and let out what's on their mind. Studies have found that simply talking to someone, especially a friend or loved one, about your problems, worries, stress or anything weighing heavy on your mind, helps to reduce stress and worry. 

The time spent just talking to someone, even without the hope of getting a solution, acts as a form of therapy and counselling. This lightens the mental burden on the senior and allows them to have a more relaxed state of mind, reducing stress and internal contemplation; which in turn, helps to improve mental health.

Chatting to Wellness is a non-profit organization that fights to improve mental health amongst the elderly. We believe in the therapeutic properties of a nice chat on one’s mental health and mood. We provide 1-on-1 chatting sessions between seniors and our volunteers, allowing them an outlet to have a genuine conversation about whatever may be on their mind or going on in life. The volunteers are trained to guide a conversation, but not run through a script like traditional counselling, this allows for genuine conversation as if it was simply a talk amongst friends.