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About Us

Our Chatting Sessions focus on providing companionship for seniors and improve mental health through significant cognitive engagement. We're offering our Chatting Sessions over the phone, Canada-wide, to all seniors (50+).

What We Do

Since 2017, Chatting to Wellness has been visiting retirement homes across Southern Ontario providing Chatting Sessions to isolated or lonely seniors. Our team of trained Chatters visit retirement homes and long-term care facilitates to interact and build relationships with seniors. It is our priority to ensure that seniors feel cared for and are shown that they matter. 

Chatting to Wellness is a social enterprise that fights to improve mental health amongst the elderly. Studies have found that simply talking to someone about your problems and worries helps to reduce stress. We provide 1-on-1 chatting sessions between seniors and our Chatters, allowing them an outlet to have genuine conversations with youth. The volunteers are trained to guide conversation, but not run through a script like traditional counselling; this allows for genuine conversations.

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