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During COVID-19 we're offering...

To help combat the isolation that many seniors are feeling, we are chatting with seniors every weekday night, 6-9pm (EST)!

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Use the form or call us at 437-702-2025 and we will sign you up.


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Who We Are


Chatting to Wellness has been providing Chatting Sessions to isolated and abandoned seniors in retirement homes across Southern Ontario since 2017. Our team of student volunteers visit weekly, to talk about anything like: family, hobbies, TV, friends, past, etc. to make seniors feel cared for and show them that they matter. 

Now we're offering these Chatting Sessions to all seniors, across Canada. For Free. Over the Phone.


We have provided thousands of Chatting Sessions to seniors with significant results in improved happiness and increased social activity. We are active at the largest name homes in Canada.

Rating mood on a scale of 1 to 10, seniors feel 2 whole points better directly after a chatting session.

We have provided over 3,000 Chatting Sessions to seniors across Ontario.

90% of seniors who have had  at least 3 consecutive Chatting Sessions interact more their community, activities, and other residents, and staff.

Privacy and Security

All Chatters complete the following requirements:

  • Multi-Step Recruitment Process

  • Multi-Part Comprehensive Training 

  • On Going Check Ins and Updates

  • No Unnecessary Information Sharing

Conversations are not shared with the public, to ensure a genuine connection can be built between the senior and the Chatter. Personal information is not shared either.

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