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Phone Chats

 We are chatting with seniors every weekday night, 6-9pm (EST)!

Our program is designed to create genuine connections and cognitively engage seniors, to encourage positive mental health. 

Here's How to Start!

It's as easy as one, two, three.


Register online or call 437-702-2025.


We will send you an email with the date and time of your chat.


A Chatter will call you at your scheduled time!

Senior Chatting on Phone with Volunteer


We have provided thousands of Chatting Sessions to seniors with significant results in improved happiness and increased social activity. We are active at the largest name homes in Canada.

Rating mood on a scale of 1 to 10, seniors feel 2 whole points better directly after a chatting session.

We have provided over 5,000 Chatting Sessions to seniors across Ontario.

90% of seniors who have had  at least 3 consecutive Chatting Sessions interact more their community, families, and activities.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is important to us. All parts of of a Chat are kept confidential unless otherwise discussed. 

All Chatters are trained and must complete the following requirements:

  • Multi-Step Recruitment Process

  • Multi-Part Comprehensive Training 

  • On Going Check Ins and Updates

Sign Up

If you're a senior that wants to chat, sign up here.

If you are registering for someone else, sign-up here.

If you want to sign-up over the phone, give us a call

We are currently receiving a high volume of calls, if possible, we encourage you to sign up online or contact us via email.

If you like what we do, please consider making a donation.

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