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How to Get Involved

With the help of our dedicated volunteers, Chatting to Wellness has provided over 3000 Chatting Sessions to seniors across Canada.  We support youth leadership by providing opportunities for volunteers to engage their communities, while connecting with other like-minded individuals.   Help seniors in need by getting involved.   

Here's How You Can Help!

There are 5 major ways to get involved with Chatting to Wellness:

Volunteer to be a Chatter with our main offering, Phone Chats! 

Ambassador Program

Be a Chatting to Wellness Ambassador and help those who need in most, in your community! 


Be a community ambassador and post an information poster in your building, community, bulletins, etc. 

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Student run and student funded, donations allow us to continue helping those in need.


Like our socials so we can connect with more seniors, volunteers, and others looking to get involved. 

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