Chatting Sessions

Provide companionship and mental health care for your loved one.

Chatting Sessions

Give your loved one regular visits by our Chatters who are trained using adapted professional support and safety programs. You get:

  • Weekly Visits

  • 1 Hour Chatting Sessions

  • Professional Chatters

With proven effectiveness, we are certain that your loved one will have improved mood and happiness.


Improved Engagement

95% of seniors who have participated in Chatting Sessions become noticeably more involved with:

  • Home Activities

  • Social Engagement

  • Other Residents

Our impact goes beyond the Chatting Session, seniors are impacted for the better every day. Helping seniors break out of their shell and get more engaged with the home and other residents.



Stay up-to-date with our regular reporting tailored to your loved one. You will get:

  • Bi-Weekly Reports

  • Specific to your Loved One

We will compile important information such as:

  • Conversation Topics

  • Activities (if mentioned)

  • Significant Memories or Repeat Conversations

  • Requests

This will allow you to stay in the know about your loved one, even when you're not there with them.

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