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Phone Chats

To help combat the isolation that many seniors are feeling, we are chatting with seniors every weekday night! 

Available across Canada, for free. Every weekday night. 6-9pm.

If you don't have access to a computer, smartphone, or internet you can call us to register at: 437-702-2025

  Combating Isolation Through Companionship 

Chatting to Wellness connects youth and seniors to sit and chat. We combat isolation and loneliness, while improving the mental health of seniors.

Chatting to Wellness brings youth on a weekly basis to retirement homes to engage with residents. Many seniors in retirement homes lack company and companionship, which can lead to depression and anxiety.


Our trained Chatters engage seniors in meaningful conversation, allowing them an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. We keep seniors mentally active, socially engaged, improve their mood and, over all, improve mental health.

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We have provided thousands of Chatting Sessions to seniors and achieved significant results in improved happiness and increased social activity. We are active at the largest name homes in Canada.

Rating mood on a scale of 1 to 10, seniors feel 2 whole points better directly after a chatting session.

We have provided over 3,000 Chatting Sessions to seniors across Ontario.

90% of seniors who have had at least 3 Chatting Sessions interact more with in home events and other residents.

  Here is What People Have to Say 

"You’re beautiful to talk to and you’re funny. Beautiful service."

Maria c.

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