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Happy senior chatting with youth volunteer from Chatting to Wellness

We Provide Youth Companionship to Seniors

Pleasant Chats • Reducing Loneliness • Improving Mental Health

1-on-1 Phone Chats, available Canada-wide, for free

Call 437-702-2025 or sign up below.

We are currently receiving a high volume of calls, if possible, we encourage you to sign up online or contact us via email.

What We Do

We offer Phone Chats to seniors, over the phone, for free, across Canada. Our Phone Chats are an enjoyable, relaxing, and friendly option for seniors who want someone to talk to.

Since 2017, Chatting to Wellness used to visit retirement residences and long term care facilities across Ontario providing in-person Chatting Sessions to seniors.

Now, we provide Phone Chats to all seniors, living anywhere in Canada, every weekday night. 

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The Problem

Loneliness is a problem experienced by many seniors across Canada 

Loneliness is as bad for your health as alcoholism, smoking, and over-eating 

A high degree of loneliness precipitates suicidal ideation and para-suicide Alzheimer's disease, and other dementia 

Senior Chatting with Youth Volunteer from Chatting to Wellness in Retirement Home

Our Solution

Have pleasant and engaging chats

Our chats allow seniors to speak their mind, make a friend, and give back to youth. Having a friendly chat every week helps keeps seniors socially engaged and reduces risk of dementia 

We've provided thousands of chats and have seen improved health, happiness, & quality of life

Get Started

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Sign-up online or call us at 437-702-2025

Available in every language, every weekday night 6-9pm (EST)

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We have provided thousands of Phone Chats to seniors across the country, with significant results in improved happiness and increased social activity. 

2.0 Points Better

Rating mood on a scale of 1 to 10, seniors feel 2 whole points better directly after a chatting session.

Chatting Sessions

We have provided over 20,000 Chatting Sessions to seniors across Canada.

90 Percent

90% of seniors who have had at least 3 consecutive Chatting Sessions interact more with community, family, and activities.

About Us

We provide 1-on-1 Chatting Sessions to seniors (50+), every weekday night, 6-9pm (EST), Canada-wide.

Since 2017, our mission has been to combat senior isolation through youth companionship. With over 5,000 Chatting Sessions complete, our team is passionate about providing quality mental health services to the aging population


Our trained Chatters engage seniors one meaningful conversation, allowing them an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. We keep seniors mentally active, socially engaged, and improve their mood and overall mental health 

Senior Chatting with Youth Volunteer from Chatting to Wellness in Retirement Home

What People Have to Say

Combating isolation through youth companionship

"Amazing just chatting with a variety of volunteers, they are all so nice to me, makes me smile"

Gloria R., 72

Want to Get Involved?

Are you someone interested in mental health, health care, and/or senior care?

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