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Partnerships Associate

Valuable opportunity to support the expansion of Chatting to Wellness’s across Canada, through numerous mediums and partnerships.

Learn about partnerships, external corporate relations, marketing, and sales.

This role will be focused on the Online Chatting Sessions initiative, make sure to review this page.

Chatting to Wellness has been featured in: 

The Organization:

Chatting to Wellness is a budding non-profit in the GTA that works to improve the mental health of seniors by combating loneliness and isolation in retirement homes:

We love entrepreneurial personalities who not only take leadership and responsibility for their roles, but bring ideas and opinions to the organization. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak any ideas they have for improvements, new programs and initiatives, or feedback. We want our team to feel like Chatting to Wellness is theirs and that they have an important say in its operations.

Chatting to Wellness has a small team focused on including the best talent, regardless of age, sex, race, sexual preference, identity, etc. 

The Ideal Canidate:

We are looking for two self-motivated, enthusiastic and community-driven leaders with a passion for mental health care and senior care, to support in all of Chatting to Wellness’s outreach initiatives that aim to expand the reach of seniors who would benefit from our Phone Chats program, across the country.


This position requires the utmost self-motivation, enthusiasm and passion for mental health and senior care as you should expect to connect with individuals working in areas of geriatrics. This position is a phenomenal opportunity to grow your networking and communication skills, as well as to understand the geriatrics and health care space.


  • Leader

  • Great communication and organization skills

  • Detail-oriented with the ability to work on multiple projects at a time


Not required but preferred:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint experience

  • Skilled in the use of institutional databases and research methods

  • Eye for design (what looks good, what doesn’t)

  • Understanding of brand principles (what is a brand, how to maintain brand image, etc.)


Not required but helpful:

  • Basic experience in design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

The Position:

This position will work with and report directly to the Head of Partnerships, Ke Xin Lin. Ke Xin focuses on mentorship by connecting members with highly involved individuals on the team and our partnership organizations to ensure that everyone on the team is growing and gaining what they want from their experience  with Chatting to Wellness.


The person will have the following responsibilities:

  • Manage and update Chatting to Wellness’s partnership directory

  • Email new service offerings to retirement homes, long-term care homes, and community home care providers

  • Support in the creation of presentation decks to introduce Chatting to Wellness to newpartners

  • Additional support as needed by team


This position is remote, volunteer, and part time (~5-7 hours/week). 

"You’re beautiful to talk to and you’re funny. Beautiful service."

Maria c.

Apply below! Applications are due Sunday, August 30th at 11:59pm (EST)

If you have any questions please email

The Process:

We focus on being fast and empathetic to our people. We know long, drawn out, application and interviews are the worst. And cover letters. And retyping your resume after submitting it. And answering 500 word questions without even knowing if you're being considered.


  • Resume application (closes Sunday, August 30th 11:59PM)

  • Short (we promise) answer application

  • Head of Partnerships interview


That's why we want to make our process as quick and painless as possible. We look to have someone in this role by September 6th.

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