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Being a Chatter is a great opportunity for youth to develop their interpersonal skills, get a foot into the health care sector, improve their understanding of mental health and give back to their communities in a meaningful way; as well as get some wise advice that the elderly love to give.
Being a Chatter means being a good listener, caring for seniors and their wellness, being interested in mental health and health care. Chatter's are pleasant to speak with and be around. Chatter's will be trained on our program and provide it directly to seniors.
Chatter's provide our programming directly to seniors in retirement homes. They conduct weekly visits every Saturday from 9am-12pm to an assigned Partnered Retirement Home and conduct Chatting Sessions with the residents. Chatting Sessions last 45mins-1hr and one Chatter will conduct 3 per visit. 
We always have openings for volunteers to conduct our programming, but a big part of what we do is, youth empowerment. We promote our Chatter's to leadership and executive positions in the organization. This can include managing groups of volunteers or entire regions, research opportunities, corporate relations, fundraising, etc.
If you are interested in our leadership positions or executive positions mention this in your post-application interview.
How do I become a Chatter?
Chatters are recruited for 4 month cycles (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec) and recruitment begins 1 - 1.5 months before an upcoming cycle. All interested youth will apply below and be contacted by a team member about next steps. You can apply anytime, but will be considered for the next cycle if recruitment is not currently open.

Recruitment for September to December is open. Youth aged 16-27 can apply.

Roles are being filled on a rolling basis and this will be closed as soon as positions are filled. Apply as soon as possible.

Hard stop on August 4th, but we anticipate positions to be filled well before then.

Want to volunteer but a local location is not available at the moment? Fill out our interest form to ensure you know as soon as a position becomes available!

Executive Positions
We are currently not recruiting for any executive positions.
Tip: The best way to be the first considered for an executive role is to be a Chatter.
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